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What make us a geart choice :

Here are three advantages :
  1. Save on Costs
  2. Finding the Perfect Supplier
  3. Building Long-Term Supplier
  4. Relationships
  5. Trending products


When you ask us to locate a product, we send out our team to source exactly what you require directly from factories (without any middlemen). This guarantees you the finest choice available, considering two factors: price and quality. This entire procedure usually wraps up within 24 to 48 hours.

Quality Control and Inspection

We double-checked for quality two times. First at the supplier's factory, and then once more at our fulfillment center. This includes fixing packaging and returning faulty items to reduce problems after purchase.


We give you the quickest shipping options to any country, and you can track them in real time with a special number. We've already sorted out the fastest routes for every nation by working with dedicated fast shipping companies.


Creating a unique brand right from the start is quite a challenge. You require a dependable and skilled partner to guide you through this process. The International Balanced Trading Group is here to support you in building, expanding, and nurturing your brand. We'll aid you in product creation, finding sources, and even taking care of packaging and shipping.

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