We operate as a prominent China sourcing agent, specializing in locating excellent products at the most cost-effective rates. Our commitment extends from the project’s inception to its successful completion, guaranteeing the delivery of high-quality goods promptly and within your financial constraints.

Enhance sourcing choices with quicker decisions.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is our top priority. We ensure every product meets high quality standards through thorough control measures from start to finish, guaranteeing reliability and client satisfaction

Supplier Selection​

We pick trustworthy suppliers who share our commitment to quality. This guarantees excellent products for you.

Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency is our priority. We use strategic methods to offer excellent value without compromising quality. Your investment results in top-quality products that suit your budget.

Our mission

International Balanced Trading Group offers an easy solution to boost your e-commerce store. We handle everything from sourcing to fulfillment, saving you time and boosting your profits. With us, you gain time, reliability, and better profits, so you can expand your store without stress. Also, Our mission is to aid companies in outsourcing manufacturing to China by providing worldwide supply chain solutions.

More about us :

Internationa balanced trading group was established as a global solution provider for supply chain needs, especially for businesses looking to outsource manufacturing to China. We cover everything from initial development (like design and prototyping) to execution (procurement, quality control, assembly), and even handle the entire supply chain process, including storage, packaging, and shipping.

As a key player in supply chain management, we have three important roles: we act as a manufacturer, ensure quality, and take care of shipping arrangements.

  • Product Design and Prototyping
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Logistics and Freight Forwarding
  • Warehouse and Order Fulfillment
  • Quality Control and Inspection


Here are three advantages:

  • Save on Costs
  • Finding the Perfect Supplier
  • Building Long-Term Supplier Relationships
When you ask us to locate a product, we send out our team to source exactly what you require directly from factories (without any middlemen). This guarantees you the finest choice available, considering two factors: price and quality. This entire procedure usually wraps up within 24 to 48 hours.
Our shipping is among the fastest in the industry, taking just 3 to 7 days at most. Unlike other agents or centers, we avoid congested shipping routes. Each route we use is exclusively with a specific shipping company between China and your destination. This ensures optimal shipping times and rates. For instance, we prefer Royal Mail for China to the UK. Our approach isn’t arbitrary; we have a contract in place between IBTG (party “A”) and you (party “B”). This legal agreement ensures consistent quality of service throughout the term, offering you reliability you can count on
We give you the quickest shipping options to any country, and you can track them in real time with a special number. We’ve already sorted out the fastest routes for every nation by working with dedicated fast shipping companies.
We double-checked for quality two times. First at the supplier’s factory, and then once more at our fulfillment center. This includes fixing packaging and returning faulty items to reduce problems after purchase.
Creating a unique brand right from the start is quite a challenge. You require a dependable and skilled partner to guide you through this process. The International Balanced Trading Group is here to support you in building, expanding, and nurturing your brand. We’ll aid you in product creation, finding sources, and even taking care of packaging and shipping.
With our experience, we’ve made connections with many factories in different fields. We’ll pick the best one for your project, considering what you want to spend. We’re also skilled at talking and understanding Chinese culture, which helps when working with suppliers there. We can often get smaller quantities and cheaper prices for your project to fit your budget.

More about us

1-Who are we ?

International balanced trading group is supply chain manager in China that offers solutions in procurement, contract manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, fulfillment and more.

2-What We Do In IBTG

Finding the most suitable supplier that providers the quality of goods or services at a price point that gives the business owner the profit and margins they need.

3-Why Choose us?

Choose our services for unmatched quality, seamless supplier partnerships, cost efficiency, and a commitment to your success. We prioritize your needs, ensuring you receive top-notch products that meet your budget while benefiting from our expertise in sourcing excellence.

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